The Absolute : Bliss is Within & beyond Mind.

The Absolute :Bliss beyond Mind
One cannot become blissful simply because one is blissful, the "Sat chit Ananda". In attempt of becoming blissful one moves away from it
One cannot become bliss because one’s true nature is bliss( Sat chit Ananda ).In attempt of becoming bliss one miss it.

Every try will take you away from the Completeness or blissfulness simply because you are that what you are looking for. One can only attain the unattainable when all efforts in an attempt to attain it seems to go into vain and one is left with nothing but to surrender to the Absolute. Till there is EGO, Self is not realised. One can only attain or Achieve or become anything which is far from oneself but God or completeness or bliss is the closest of close . So any attempt to achieve it, takes one’s mind away from it .Efforts are required only to realise the Effortless, this realisation is called Self-realisation . With try or mental exercise one can never achieve the Absolute or Completion but without try one can never realise that the completeness is unattainable simply because to attain something one has to be different from it but the bliss or completeness or the GOD is the closest of the close.The try or mental exercise is necessary in raising the consciousness level to the level where awakening can take place. The awakening eventually happens beyond mind.

Mind is needed to go beyond the Mind.Human Mind is the Mind from where the consciousness can take off 🛫 to the highest level of awareness which is beyond the Mind

The self is beyond mind and the source of mind.

Mind is used till the consciousness reach to the consciousness level from where awakening can take place. With mind one can never enter into the completeness because mind is limited to physicality(names, forms, time & space) whereas completeness is beyond the physicality and is in spirituality or within. Just like to travel by road car is used but to cross the river, car cannot be used , it is used till the shore of the river ,beyond that boat is used ,in the same way mind is used till the consciousness reaches to the level from where awakening can take place, beyond that ,mind cannot be used, silence with devotion to the divine is used. The game of life is all about the “Complete in search of Completeness in the world or Jagat out of ignorance” ,which cannot be found until or unless mind shifts from physicality to spirituality or within. World is suffering for a seeker and world is a play out of completeness for the Knower.

One can become anything but not the GOD or completeness because one can only become or achieve that which is far from oneself but GOD is the closest of close. The becoming or achieving is incomplete whereas God is the Completeness. So by trying to achieve it, one cannot achieve it. The only way to GOD is the GOD itself and GOD is EGOLESS which is without the notion of boundedness . So the only way to GOD or Completeness or bliss is in EGOLESS-NESS which is not in becoming anything this or that but in being absorbed within the Absolute . Not working for happiness but working from the happiness within. When it is realised that all efforts are because of the completeness and not for the completeness, one has attained the unattainable. Thereafter there is no achievement ,only playfulness not for completeness but from the completeness within . Completeness is not outside, completeness is within, everything else is because of the completeness or the Absoluteness or the God. Every suffering is because of trying to become. With the end of trying to become , there is end of Sufferings and the start of fearless living.

Where becoming ends, blissfulness begins. Only blissful person can truly help others in self-realisation or Freedom.

From no Mind to Mind to beyond Mind

Levels of Self awareness.

Awareness of the self as the formless pure consciousness or Brahma can only set the self free from the bondage of Fear and Greed.

Three states of formless non-dual pure consciousness or the self.

1st with no awareness and no mind.

2nd with mind or notion “I am body or boundary awareness” ,this state gives rise to the worldly experience .

3rd state is beyond mind with unchanging and unbounded awareness. This state is the Absolute state of non-duality where there is no other, only the unbounded awareness or Para Brahma or “Sat chit Ananda” state.


the highest awareness level

Self realisation is the realisation of the absolute reality that is ” I am ” not the body, I am not the mind, I am not the memory , I am the formless pure consciousness observing all that which I am not. I never change, and whatever I am not is bound to change including body, memory and mind. “I am” is the limitless existence (Brahma) which is experiencing the world or Prakriti through body and mind . The same “I am” which is seeing through every living being or Jeeva Atman at different levels of awareness. The seer which can’t be seen yet can see everything . Whatever is seen is “Prakriti” and the Seer is the Purusha or the Absolute or the Self or the Brahma.

To know more about the Brahma or Purusha and Prakriti Click here.

This is full self awareness and once realised never fades . This awareness is completeness .

The Self or Atman or Brahma is unattainable simply to attain something one has to be different from it but Atman or Brahma is the closest of the close. This realisation is liberation or freedom from all sufferings.
The Self or Atman or Brahma is unattainable, simply because to attain something one has to be different from it but Atman or Brahma is the closest of the close. This realisation is liberation or freedom from all sufferings.

All knowledge is incomplete Until or unless it encompasses the knowledge of the Knower. One who knows the knower is “Para Brahma” ,the greatest of the great. Till the time one knows the self ,one wants to become big but once one knows the self, one will help others in self realisation .

Thanks & Best Regards,

Narendra Kishore Mishra

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