Talent versus Leadership

Talent versus leadership. Success formula. Growth Formula
Talent versus leadership, Talent Management.
Talent versus Leadership

Everyone is born with some sorts of talents .Talent is a natural skill or ability to perform any task in a better way . For example singing , writing, speaking, teaching, driving , cooking, etc all comes under talents . Talents need direction for its proper execution to success . All people are by default Job mindset until they attain the leadership mindset through the transformation process , which acts like a direction for proper execution of talents to success .

Talent will crave to meet leadership mindset for its proper utilisation . In the form of Job , a talent is looking for the leadership for its proper functioning.


Where S=Success,


L=Leadership Function which is application mindset or mission driven problem solving and value adding Mindset for Win-Win situation creation.

T=Talent which is variable

Success formula or Growth Formula

From the success formula above , “T” will always search for the function “L” for its proper functioning. It does not matter , which “T” one possess, if it gets clubbed with “L” , it gets converted into “S” or “G”, automatically by the equation mentioned above.

It does not make any difference whether one has small or big talent until or unless it is clubbed with the leadership mindset. If one has very unique talent but if it does not get clubbed with the leadership mindset ,then it is of no use . What really matters, is how one can take the small concept to make it big .

For example Amazon started with small concept but with leadership mindset, it became such a huge organisation.

As said Leadership is that function which converts any talent ,small or big into Growth or Success. Leadership is important whether one cultivates it within the self or gets associated with leadership mindset from outside for its proper utilisation to success or growth.

Everyone has the potential to attain the leadership mindset but only those are able to attain that who have the strong craving to succeed in any condition.It requires persistence, perseverance and patience to sprout the seed of leadership within the self. Leadership is higher consciousness and is adept in handling challenging situation with open mind and positive attitude . It does not come to everyone by default unlike talents with which everyone is born . Talents are like an in-built software with which everyone is born with , for example some would be fantastic singer or dancer or speaker or artist since the childhood .

When they work upon those talents , those talents shine but for growth or success, that need to be clubbed with the leadership mindset otherwise those talents would be destroyed and of no use and would not be able to reach to the full potential.

Talent Management, Talent versus Leadership
Talent Management. Talent versus Leadership . Leaders are the best talent Managers.

Engineers, Doctors, Painters, Actors, Politicians, Scientists ,etc are the name given to people with certain skills set or talents. There are many Engineers or Doctors or other professionals but not everyone become successful because as said these are talents which are common to their respective fields but for making them special ,the function “Leadership mindset ” is needed which converts any talent into Success or Growth.

Merely possessing talents will not serve the purpose of life until or unless there is no leadership mindset . So to grow in life , one has to align to the leadership mindset . Leadership makes every skills or talents equally important as for leadership no skill or talent is big or small .

Leadership is all about positioning of the talents at right place or direction. Leaders know how and where to position the talents for proper utilisation to success or growth. It is understanding and applying of the fact that ” Fish cannot climb a tree and squirrel cannot swim in river” . It is due to this reason Leadership is also known for the best Management of resources for Growth or Success. And it is due to this reason many people puzzle when they witness leaders with no such exceptional talents but still are highly successful and they justify that with the term “LUCK” . Although the reality behind their success is the leadership mindset which is over and above any talents or skills. For example K. Kamaraj , Bill Gates, Dhirubhai Ambani, Steve Jobs, Akbar , Mahatma Gandhi, Chatrapati Shivaji ,etc are examples of some leaders who do not possess any special talents but due to the leadership Mindset became highly successful.

Behind every success story there is a leadership story because it is the leadership mindset which acts as a function for success & growth. Leadership is the key to success . To unlock the growth potential ,one either has to master the leadership mindset or gets clubbed with leadership mindset outside .

It is the leadership mindset which makes the talent complete otherwise without leadership mindset , it is of no use .

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Narendra Kishore Mishra

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