Happiness :Riches of the Rich.

Freedom is Richness, Slavery is poverty

Self-realisation leads to completeness which ends all desires and brings fearlessness . One who is free from desires is the riches of the rich.

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The Absolute : Bliss is Within & beyond Mind.

The Absolute :Bliss beyond Mind

The Absolute,Bliss is within & beyond Mind.In trying to become you miss it. You are what you are looking for. Know the self and set free from the bondage of fear and greed. The knowledge of the knower can only makes you eternally blissful & peaceful.

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Physical World and its Principles.

Life is a Play where goal is to grow in value.Those who know the laws of game becomes perfect player or leader.Leaders are enlightened beings.

World is the biggest game .Physicality is just a medium to Spirituality.Leaders know the principles and follow principles .

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