How the Universe created ?Source of Creation. All about Jiva ,Brahma & Maya.

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How world or universe comes into existence?

At the outset ,let us discuss about three important terms which constitutes the entire universe and the existence, “Jiva, Brahma or Brahman and Maya“. Jiva also called as Jivatma is living being , Brahma means limitless non-dual existence which never change and Maya means that which appears but doesn’t exist as it is just like Mirage where water sheet appears in the desert but doesn’t exist as it is . Maya can also be understood as illusion which doesn’t last long or change whereas Brahma is the non-dual ,eternal and non changing limitless existence consciousness.

Waves and ocean concept for Jeeva and Brahma understanding
Waves and ocean concept for Jiva and Brahma understanding.

Relation between Jeeva and Brahma can be understood with the example of wave and ocean, where Jeeva Atman can be considered as wave and Brahma can be considered as the ocean (unbounded consciousness). Material world is an appearance in Brahma . Material world or duality is projection Brahma and within the Brahma .Brahma is formless Pure consciousness which is No-thing(not a thing) beyond anything and the cause of Everything. Brahma is the non-dual pure consciousness , here non-dual term is used to indicate that Brahma is not a thing which can be numbered. Brahma cannot be objectified simply because it gives rise to all objects of awareness including mind and body. Brahma is the cause of all causes. World or Prakriti or duality is projection of the non-dual reality or the Brahma . World or duality is experienced by Brahma as Jeeva Atman. In the core of every Jeeva the same “I” or “Atman” or “Brahma” is experiencing the Prakriti through Jeeva Atman(bounded consciousness) within the completeness or Brahma(Unbounded consciousness) .So Jeeva atman which is bounded consciousness, out of ignorance seeks completeness in the world . The world or Jagat is nothing but the “bounded consciousness in search of the Completeness or freedom “. When the Ignorance vanishes through self-realisation, the ignorant self or Jeeva atman becomes aware about itself as Pure consciousness or Brahma, the limitless non dual existence . Self-realisation is nothing but rise of awareness of consciousness from bounded awareness to the unbounded awareness . Consciousness without body and mind awareness is Nirgun Nirakaar Brahma, Consciousness with body and mind is Sagun Sakaar Brahma or Jeeva Atman and Consciousness beyond mind is Para Brahma or Para-Atman or unbounded awareness, the completeness. So Jeeva Atman is consciousness with mind or body awareness and Brahma is consciousness beyond mind or unbounded awareness or completeness. So Jeeva Atman is Brahma with Ignorance who craves for liberation or freedom or eternal bliss, Brahma with Ignorance is also called as EGO. All wrong things done by Jeeva Atman is because of EGO which is nothing but false identification of the self as body and mind. In EGO , the Jeeva wants to achieve completeness and gets trapped into Karma . In order to know the self , Jeeva atman has to raise the consciousness level to enlightened consciousness level which is also called as GOD awakening or Self-realisation.

Brahma alone is the eternal truth , Jagat is the appearance in Brahma .

Truth is not dependent on anything, everything is dependent on the truth, Brahma
Truth is not dependent on anything, everything is dependent on the truth, Brahma.

Wave is different from the ocean till it sees outward and thinks it is a wave or form , when it sees inward and realises its true nature as water, the wave is no more just a tiny form or part but the inseparable water pervading all around as limitless ocean and the cause of waves. Similarly Jeeva is different from the Brahma till it thinks it is tiny boundary or body , when Jeeva gets self-realisation and realises itself as consciousness or the subject(seer), then Jeeva is no more just a tiny boundary but the boundary-less Brahma acting through boundary or body and mind and knows that world or Prakriti is appearance in the self or Brahma . Pure consciousness is not an object(seen) which can be seen, it is the subject(seer) which can see and experience the material world or Maya through Jeeva atman . Anything which we see, feel or experience is the object in awareness ,so self cannot be anything which is experienced by the self. In fact self can never see itself ,it can only see or experience that which it is not . Self can see everything worldly through Jeeva Atman(bounded consciousness) but cannot see the self because self alone is the cause of all seeing ,experiencing and knowing, self is the absolute non-dual reality. The source of Mind cannot be inside the Mind. The source or Brahma or the Self is beyond the Mind. Self cannot experience consciousness separate from itself because self is the consciousness in which things or objects dwells as an appearance . Self can only experience the projection of self but not the self simply because to see the self, there has to be other but self is alone ,rest everything is projection of the Self or the brahma. Self or Atman or Brahma is the Seer not Seen, Self is the seer in every being or Jeeva .The Self or Atman is the formless background consciousness of every Jeeva. Brahma is timeless, beginning and end are within the Brahma whereas Brahma is beyond time. Formless consciousness is the cause of all forms and not vice-versa.

So Jeeva Atman(bounded consciousness) is the Brahma with mind where Brahma is the non-dual absolute unbounded existence, pure consciousness beyond mind. When Ignorance vanishes through Self knowledge , Jeeva Atman knows the true self as Brahma . When Jeeva Atman gets enlightened , the statement “Aham Brahmasmi ” by Adi Shankaracharya becomes obvious. The “Aham” or EGO get vanishes by the light of self-awareness and only the transcendental self remains.

Jeeva is Brahma with ignorance and Brahma is the non-dual absolute existence. Advaita Philosophy.
Jeeva is Brahma with ignorance and Brahma is the non-dual absolute existence. Advaita Philosophy.

Now let’s come to the main question ,how the world comes into existence ?.

World is Maya or reflection of the self ,on the self and by the self. The is only self that exist , world is reflection of the self.
World is Maya or reflection of the self ,on the self and by the self. There is only self that exist , world is projection of the self.

Concept of Karma, Karma Yoga.

World or Jagat or Prakriti is like a motion picture which runs over the unbounded Brahma acting a screen .With mind starts World , without Mind there is no worldly experience. Nirgun Nirakaar Brahma (Unaware consciousness) gets into boundary or body with mind which gives rise to the notion of material world. Jeeva Atman is the bounded consciousness that identifies itself with a boundary or body and mind. Just like statue is within a rock and is carved out of rock ,in the same way forms or world or Prakriti or Maya are within the formless pure consciousness and are carved out of pure consciousness or Brahma . World or duality is within the non-dual existence and experienced through Jeeva Atman which is bounded consciousness . The unbounded consciousness is Para Brahma or Para Atman and Jagat is appearance to the Jeeva Atman (bounded consciousness) within the Para Brahma or the unbounded awareness . In ignorance and under the influence of Prakriti, the Brahma gets bounded by Karma as Jeeva Atman. Jeeva atman is the self or Brahma with karma. Karma leads to world which is within the unbounded self (Para Brahma or Para Atman) or the non-dual existence. Jeeva atman experiences the world through the past memory or Karma . Jeeva Atman changes many forms and memory and all gets stored within bounded consciousness as mind for the experience in next form . Jeeva Atman when takes the Human form , it has the potential to know itself and go beyond mind, memory and body awareness. Until or unless the awareness goes beyond the mind, body and memory, Jeeva Atman does’t get liberated . Once this awareness of self as Pure consciousness comes into being , this awareness never fades because it is not an object like memory, mind & body that change , it is the unchanging awareness which becomes eternal . The awareness that I am not the body which is made of 5 elements namely earth, ether, air, water and fire , I am not mind, I am not the memory but the unchanging formless Pure consciousness who experiences all things which appears and disappears within the unbounded Brahma, makes the Jeeva Atman liberated. ” I am the unchanging formless pure consciousness(Purusha or Brahma) and everything that I am not is Prakriti which is bound to change” . Once the Jeeva Atman(bounded consciousness) reaches to this level of awareness , Jeeva gets liberated and leads life as Jeevan Mukta who becomes a catalyst for others liberation.

Karma is an automatic process until or unless it gets overtaken by Self awareness.In Ignorance, Karma is against the self but In awareness ,Karma is in favour of the Self. Ignorance is sufferings, Awareness is Happiness.

Brahma or Atman is and everything is because of it.
Brahma or Atman is and everything is because of it.

World or Maya or Prakriti is like motion picture projection on the unbounded self and because of the self. Brahma is the changeless screen on which world or Prakriti changes and witnessed by Brahma as Jeeva atman. Just like in darkness rope is understood as snake , in the same way in ignorance , physical world and bondage are considered as real to Jeeva Atman. Brahma is not worldly , World is appearance to Jeeva Atman(bounded consciousness) within the Brahma(unbounded consciousness). Brahma is the totality, the complete ,the limitless existence. World doesn’t have independent existence other than Brahma. Jeeva experiences the world through the filter of memories or past karma, the world which is combination of names, forms, time and space are within the unbounded consciousness or Para Atman or Para Brahma . Karma acts like a seed which sprouts into worldly experience . Just like mango seed sprouts into mango tree , neem seed sprouts into neem plant, in the same way the nature of Karma sprouts into worldly experience. All Karma is done in search of Fulfilment or completeness but only Self-awareness can give the eternal fulfilment or completeness. Therefore Karma is measured on scale of awareness. If awareness is only limited to body then its animal Karma . The karma which gives rise to the spiritual awareness is right Karma simply because it leads to “Sat Chit Ananda” or Sagun Nirakaar Brahma or eternal bliss or Para Brahma . Karma is the reason the same world is experienced differently by different kinds of Jeeva. In ignorance of the self , Jeeva atman makes mistakes or error and when enlightened or self-realised ,mistakes or error disappears just like when light dawns, darkness disappears. World is the relative reality , the absolute reality is non-duality , the Brahma .

Maya is dependent on Brahma .

Maya is within the pure consciousness . Maya is Prakriti .

Just like waves are dependent on ocean , sunlight is dependent on the sun, in the same way Maya or world or Prakriti is dependent on Brahma or Purusha or Pure consciousness . Brahma can exist with or without Maya but Maya can’t exist without Brahma. Maya doesn’t have independent existence. And this is clear from the fact that in deep sleep and in samadhi state there is no Prakriti or Maya or physical world. Deep sleep is Nirgun Nirakaar Brahma state (unaware consciousness) whereas samadhi is Para Brahma or Para Atman state or unbounded consciousness or the completeness.

All Sufferings are due to one's identification with body. Universe is the within the self.
All Sufferings are due to one’s identification with body. Universe is the within the self.

Universe is projection of the pure consciousness and within the unbounded consciousness and is experienced by Jeeva atman (bounded consciousness).Universe appears in specific pattern called nature or Prakriti or Maya within the Brahma.Knowledge of Prakriti or nature or universe comes under science and knowledge of source or Purusha or Brahma comes under Spirituality. The purpose of outside learning is to grow and awake from within. Jeeva Atman is the consciousness who holds mind and body and not vice-versa. And in ignorance Jeeva Atman thinks itself bounded till enlightenment or self-realisation. When the ignorant self or EGO comes to know about its true nature through self-realisation or enlightenment ,it gets liberated. After liberation, life becomes Playful without any chase for materialistic possession. It doesn’t mean one give up all Materialistic possession, it simply means one is not attached to or dependent on anything for happiness. One does Action or Karma after enlightenment but without attachment to Material Fruits and only as a Leela to contribute to the world in awakening and experience the creation or world within the self or Brahma.

The meaning of karma is in the intension ,the intension behind action or karma is what matters.
The meaning of karma is in the intension ,the intension behind action or karma is what matters.

So non-duality(Advaita) is the ultimate reality . All names, forms, time and space appear and disappear in pure consciousness according to specific pattern called world or nature or Prakriti or maya. World is not outside the pure consciousness , world is an appearance within the Pure consciousness and is experienced by the Jeeva atman (bounded consciousness) according to Karma. Just like sunglass gives colour to the vision to experience the world ,in the same way Karma gives perception to experience the world. One’s sufferings is dependent on one’s Karma. The meaning of karma is in the intension ,the intension behind action or karma is what matters. ज़ैसी दृष्टि वैसी सृष्टि

Mind is needed to go beyond the Mind. Human mind is the mind from where the consciousness can take off to highest level of awareness.

Everything can be defined by the Brahma but Everything cannot define the Brahma. Brahma is the Knower and not the knowledge. All knowledge is because of Brahma and within the Brahma. Words and examples point towards the Brahma , they are the direction but Brahma is the destination beyond words or examples. Brahma is and everything is because of it.Brahma is the complete existence . Brahma is the substratum, the cause of all causes. Brahma is the formless pure consciousness that can’t be seen but can see Everything. Brahma is the complete, limitless existence. The Brahma doesn’t fit into anything but everything fit into Brahma.

All facts are useful as staircase to reach to the Absolute truth which cannot be used but can only be rested upon.The Absolute truth cannot be revealed, the Absolute truth can only be realised which brings eternal bliss , peace and completeness within .Duality is real till Non-duality is realised. Duality is the bounded awareness whereas Non-duality is the unbounded awareness. Duality is the journey, Non-duality is the destination.

PS: Silence is within, turbulence is outside. Wisdom is within, logic is outside. Bliss is within, pleasure is outside. Treasure is within, wealth is outside. Love is within, relationship is outside. Empowerment is within, power is outside. Seek within, roam outside.

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Narendra Kishore Mishra

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