How to get perfection in life ?Silence is the Source of Everything.

Power of Silence
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Silence is the source of Everything physical
Silence is Spiritual the source of Everything physical.

Words have limitations between A to Z..

            But Silence is limitless...

Silence is the only way to experience the Limitless.It will not make any sense to find out a silent atmosphere if your Mind is not Silent.

Until or unless the Mind is calm or silent, silent atmosphere will not make any difference.Silent or Calm Mind is the source of all Creativity.

I would like to explain this with a short story of Gautam Buddha.

Once upon a time , Buddha asked his disciple to bring water.The disciple went to a lake and found that it was all muddy as just then a bullock cart had crossed the lake.

He came back without taking water. When Buddha asked about the reason, he said it was all muddy and that’s why not useful to drink.Buddha asked him to revisit the place after half an hour.

The discipline did the same and found that the mud was settled down and the water became Pure and Useful to drink.

He felt happy and brought the clean water to Buddha to which the Buddha said “Our Mind is just like the lake when it is disturbed it becomes Muddy or useless , it should be given some time to rest and settle down to be useful “

If one has to experience the limitless existence then the only way is Silence. Only through the silent Mind one can experience the source of everything .

Samadhi is nothing but the silence of Mind ,the state of being where Mind is calm or equanimous .Silence or calmness within is the source of all great happenings and creations outside.

Whenever you feel chaos outside and unable to control over your Emotion, just remember the source which is Silence. Take sometime to experience the source by controlling over your thoughts(Mind).A silent Mind is closer to its source.

Whenever Mind is away from its source for longer period of time , it becomes erratic. So it is very important to practice the exercise of bringing back the Mind to its source . The exercise of calming Mind by bringing it back to its source which is Silence is also called as Meditation.

With more and more practice this will happens automatically ,the Mind will come to its source whenever experience chaos outside .The Source or Silence makes the Mind more Powerful to handle any situation outside or the World.

Thank You & Best Wishes,

Narendra Kishore Mishra

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