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Freedom is Richness, Slavery is poverty
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One whose has won over one's desire through self-realisation  is the riches of rich
One whose has won over one’s desire through self-realisation is the riches of the rich.

One is poor not due to lack of money but due to excess of desire.Similarly one is rich not due to access of money but due to less of desire. One is not slave to people or situation but to one’s own desires. One’s own desire makes one do slavery to people and circumstances. One who has control over one’s desire is the Riches of the rich. Desires are by product of the notion of incompleteness , EGO has desire because EGO is incomplete , EGO is the Ignorance . So one can only win over one’s own desires by going beyond the EGO or incompleteness. The only way to go beyond EGO or Ignorance is self-realisation or awareness of the self. EGO is the Ignorant self who identifies the self with body and mind and gets bounded into limitations which is the root cause of seeking for the fulfilment or completeness outside. One’s seeking ends only when one changes the direction of seeking from outside to inside or within the self. It’s like deer seeking for aroma outside which comes from Kasturi within itself. Until or unless there is a 180 degree shift in seeking from outside to inside , the search never ends and completeness cannot be achieved no matter how much one has successfully able to fulfil one’s desire, the incompleteness remains. It’s like using ghee or fuel for extinguishing the fire. Just like fire cannot be extinguished by ghee or fuel, in the same way fire of desires doesn’t get extinguished by fulfilling them. And one will remain insatiate thereby enslaved by desires . This process is ever ending until or unless one raises one awareness to an enlightenment level to know that the self is not limited to body and mind but the limitless existence which is complete in itself and the world is the expression of that completeness. So completeness cannot be found in the expression but within the expresser, the self.Fulfilment never comes through desires but by transcending desires.The world is the statement of that state which is unbounded and the complete. When one gets to know ones true self as the formless pure consciousness pervading like an ocean and experiencing the world through body and mind ,one’s desire to become complete or fulfilled disappears as one is the complete and everything is done from the completeness and not for the completeness . So completeness cannot be found outside but within the self , one’s very nature is unbounded awareness which is completeness. The world is from the completeness and not for the completeness so the search for completeness in the world ends, and with the end of seeking completeness outside there is also the end of all personal desires linked with it . Thereafter Karma is not done for the fulfilment but from the fulfilment within. Those Karma is divine and pure which is beneficial for others in raising their consciousness.

Self-realisation leads to completeness which ends  all desires and brings fearlessness .
Self-realisation leads to completeness which ends all desires and brings fearlessness .

Karma done by enlightened being or self-realised being is beyond good and bad, beyond right and wrong, beyond dharma and adharma . Those Karma becomes the Dharma or direction for unenlightened beings walking along which they can attain the enlightenment or the fulfilment. As it is done from the completeness and not for the completeness. Those Karma are without any condition or desire to achieve something and that’s why becomes Leela.The Leela which is helpful in raising the consciousness of unenlightened beings. Only liberated being can help others in liberation.

Rama Leela: Rama played from the completeness and not for the completeness.
Rama Leela: Rama played from the completeness and not for the completeness.

One of the greatest example of Leela is Rama Leela. Rama was the riches of rich because he was free from any desire for fulfilment, he was the completeness. He cannot be enslaved by anything as he has overcome all desires by knowing himself as the unbounded pure consciousness through Rishi Vashishtha who was his GURU who helped Rama in his enlightenment. Enlightenment means where the consciousness is fully awaken of its true nature that is non-material or non-physical .When Rama was asked to leave the Kingdom and live life as a hermit in forest for 14 years, he did not hesitate even a little simply because he was utterly established within the self awareness which is the bliss in itself. He did not rebel against his father who was the king of Ayodhya Kingdom from where he was asked to leave just a day before he was to be coronated as the King of Ayodhya . He accepted the proposal in the grace of his father and left the kingdom for living in forest without any hesitation. Had there been any normal person instead of Rama , the situation would have been different, there could have been rebel against the King but since he was Rama who was not normal being but an enlightened being ,he managed everything smoothly . No matter whatever challenges life threw on Rama , Rama took them with grace and positivity . Even his fight with Raavan was not to defeat him but to awake him from his EGO . Rama did not have to achieve anything as Rama was doing Karma from the completeness and not for the completeness. So even the battle he was fighting is free from any personal desire , he fought only to save Sita and awake Raavan . Rama did not fight with Raavan to win but to make Raavan win by helping him lose his EGO. Moreover the fight was the last resort when all others options of making him awake went into vain. He sent Hanuman & Angad as a messenger of peace but when he rejected all the proposals of peace , the only way left was the war . So the fight from Rama’s side was with pure intension as it was done not for Ram’s own fulfilment of desire but for the right cause of awaking Raavan from his EGO and saving Sita. When the intension is pure, even violence is righteousness . For example when medicine doesn’t work then operation done by doctor for the cure of patient is righteousness . In operation , blood is shed which is violence but the intension behind action is right so it is righteousness. So in the battle of Ramayan, Raavan won by losing EGO and Rama was beyond winning or losing, he is the completeness and his action was Leela as it is from the completeness and not for the completeness. Rama is the perfect example of the riches of the rich who is the epitome of contentment & fulfilment. Rama is timeless, he becomes beyond time. In fact all enlightened beings including Buddha, Krishna, Ramakrishna, Vivekananda ,etc were free from personal desires and did Karma from the completeness within which became beneficial for others liberation.

Karma becomes Leela if it is done from the completeness and not for the completeness.

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Narendra Kishore Mishra

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