Mass, Leader and the Lord.

From leader to the Lord
One who knows the self and masters the self is the greatest of the great or the lord.
One who knows the self and masters the self is the greatest of the great or the lord.

There are three stages of consciousness. First is mass consciousness ,second or the middle stage is leader consciousness and the third or the highest stage is the Lord consciousness. Mass consciousness is that consciousness which is trapped in the cycle of pain and pleasure. In this consciousness level ,one has desire for pleasure and works only for pleasure and is slave of the desire of pleasure. The background of pleasure is pain just like day and night.In mass consciousness, Favourable conditions give pleasure and unfavourable conditions give pain because one is attached to the result of actions.

Leader consciousness to Lord consciousness

Leaders follow the path of Dharma shown by the Lord(Self-less-ness) or the Goal.

Second stage is Leader consciousness , in this consciousness level , one has outgrown from the first stage of consciousness by understanding the fallacy of Pleasure which is ephemeral and soon converts into pain like day converts into night. It doesn’t matter how one acts, if one is dependent on the result of actions ,one can never remain eternally blissful. This understanding is the basis of the second stage of consciousness where one gets tuned to what enlightened beings speak about ,one becomes align to enlightened beings and their teachings. This inclination and submission towards enlightened beings is the beginning of the path of Dharma as it leads to the goal or the Lord. So basically leader consciousness is the state of consciousness which follows the Lord consciousness or the Goal or the Sat chit Ananda. Lord consciousness is the enlightened state or the highest level of consciousness next to leader consciousness. The lord consciousness is the state which is the end of the desire to prove, achieve or win because it is the goal itself. Whatever is done from the state of lord consciousness becomes beautiful because lord consciousness is completeness or wholeness itself. All paths are dependent on the goal whereas the goal is independent of paths. The destination of Dharma is the Lord consciousness and whatever is done from the state of lord consciousness becomes Dharma. The lord consciousness is not against anyone as the lord consciousness is above all and encompasses All. The lord consciousness is the embodiment of the Para-Brahman. The lord consciousness is the completeness or the wholeness and therefore is the state of self-less-ness . Actions done from the state of Lord consciousness is Leela because they are not for the completeness but from the completeness or self-less-ness. The lord consciousness is beyond winning and losing. Lord consciousness is higher than Money, Respect and Position mindset. Lord consciousness is the Source, goal and the whole. Lord consciousness is the Pure consciousness free from ego. Lord doesn’t play to achieve anything, lord plays to make others achieve the lord.

The Lord is not against anyone ,the lord is above all and encompasses everyone. Mass follows leaders whereas leaders follow the Lord.

For example : Duryodhana was at the mass consciousness level, Arjuna was Leader consciousness who followed the lord consciousness whereas Krishna is the Lord consciousness. Similarly Steve Jobs was a Leader who followed the Lord Yogananda Paramhansa . Likewise leader Jamsethji Tata was inspired by lord Swami Vivekananda.

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