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Narendra Kishore Mishra

Management Guru

Passionately helping people rise above challenges in Startups, Brands & Life.


Narendra Kishore Mishra is the Self-realized Spiritual Leader, Growth Consultant & Management Guru helping people rise above challenges in startups, brands & life.

  1. Narendra Kishore Mishra is the Self-realized Spiritual leader , a passionate and self motivated Growth Consultant & Management Guru from Engineering & Management background with over decade of advanced learning experience with several MNC & Market leaders, such as Fujifilm, Carestream(Kodak), L&T, Kirloskar, Allengers,etc
  2. He is in the mission of helping entrepreneurs grow their startups & brands to the next level with a meaningful purpose and the leadership mindset. The mindset which can accept and overcome any challenges gracefully that come on the way to growth.
  3. Being blend of science , philosophy and spirituality ,he believes, practices & preaches that stable mind is the basis of rise in the physical world. Stability within is the key to manage any situation gracefully and effortlessly.
  4. His exceptional understanding about management and leadership is the outcome of his practical challenges that he faced, struggled, learnt and outgrown. 
  5. He is actively present on various social media sites & blog through which he shares his experiments, learnings, understanding and tips on growth, management & leadership. He is also giving advance consultancy services through his firm NKM GLOBAL SOLUTIONS.

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