What is Dharma and Goal of life.?

Self-less-ness is the Goal
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Dharma is neither letting one’s own EGO to win nor letting other’s EGO to win. Where EGO is selfishness. Selfishness is the cause of all sufferings in life. Egoless-ness or Self-less-ness is the end of all sufferings.

Egoless-ness is the goal of life and Dharma is the path to it. One who attains the Egoless-ness becomes the goal to others and shows the direction to others to the goal. Physicality is the medium to Spirituality. One who has to attain the goal follow the path of Dharma and uses the physical world as medium to attain the goal and the one who has attained the goal also uses the physical world as medium to help others attain the Goal via Dharma or Righteousness. So both uses physical world as medium ,the only difference is that the self-realised being is always at inner peace irrespective of any conditions because the self-realisation is the goal or the completeness. One works for the completeness whereas the other works from the completeness. Later one is the self-realised being. For example Guru and disciples both use the Gurukul or classroom as medium . Guru uses the medium to impart the knowledge to disciples whereas disciples use the medium to grasp the knowledge.

Patience and Dharma never lead to wrong destination….

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