Unlimited Growth

4 Highly effective Growth Hacks for Brand & Startup growth., Powerful growth Hacks ,Unlimited Growth

To grow without boundary, start a startup or join a startup with strong Mission of making a difference to your target audiences or customers .And the Vision should be to […]

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Leadership learnings from the movie “Bahubali”​

Leadership learnings from Bahubali

Leadership learnings from the movie “Bahubali”​. Leaders are Problem solver. Leaders have Mission & Vision .Get to know 4 qualities of leader

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Consultative selling approach-Problem solver

Consultative selling approach, problem solving approach

Problem solving approach-Consultative selling .Consultative selling approach, problem solving approach.Solution selling principles

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Difference between Selling & Marketing.

Marketing Versus Selling

Marketing in general is the process of getting the interest followed by attention of one’s target audiences or customers for one’s offerings as products or services for generating sales .And Selling revolves […]

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Enlightenment- Relation between GOD & Success

God , enlightenment , success & Happiness

Enlightenment is the way to know GOD. Knowledge of GOD re-enforces the belief in GOD or self and gives confidence which makes life eternally blissful & successful .

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Dharma Versus Spirituality

religion versus righteousness

Dharma versus Spirituality. Complete overview of Religion versus Spirituality. Essence of all Religions. Happiness and way to it.

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Concept of Human consciousness, nature , science and the GOD .

God versus Science & technology

Concept of Human consciousness. Science versus God . Direct & in direct creation of nature. relation between god and nature.

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Everything is cyclic. History repeats itself.Nothing is End.

Natural law, cause and effect principles

Everything is cyclic .Nothing is End.Ways to handle pandemic covid 19, corona virus .Human alignment with nature .Cause and effect principles

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Digital Marketing & Online Business

Digital Marketing, Online business versus conventional business.

Digital Marketing or Online Business versus Conventional Business concept on the basis of fundamentals of Business & Marketing .Ways to learn online business.

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Solution Selling in Business.

Problem solving approach-Consultative selling

Solution Sales & Marketing is an approach of Business which is different from the conventional or Product Sales & Marketing approach. In and out of selling techniques. Total concept of selling like an ace or pro.

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Skilled Knowledge Versus the Complete Awareness or Enlightenment.

Awareness versus skilled knowledge

 Skilled knowledge is the knowledge which we get from our  Education system . It is narrow knowledge or specialised knowledge which enables us to perform any particular kind of task […]

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Physical World and its Principles.

Life is a Play where goal is to grow in value.Those who know the laws of game becomes perfect player or leader.Leaders are enlightened beings.

World is the biggest game .Physicality is just a medium to Spirituality.Leaders know the principles and follow principles .

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Types of Leaders & Leadership Traits.Ownership versus Leadership

Leadership traits, Leadership versus ownership

Traits of leaders, Types of leader. Difference between ownership and leadership. Business growth and leadership .

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