All about Entrepreneurial Mindset.

All about Entrepreneurial Mindset

Entrepreneurs make their own way, they are completely responsible for their actions. Skill set is journey, mindset is the goal.

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Unconditional Love.

Unconditional Love

Attachment to conditions is Lust whereas detachment from conditions is Love. Stability is the outcome of spirituality and stability is the basis of unconditional love.

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Mass, Leader and the Lord.

From leader to the Lord

The Lord is not against anyone ,the lord is above all and encompasses everyone. Mass follows leaders whereas leaders follow the Lord.

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What is Dharma and Goal of life.?

Self-less-ness is the Goal

Dharma and the goal of life. What is the way to end all sufferings in life.

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GURU:From EGO to the Enlightenment.

GURU: From EGO to the Enlightenment

Importance of GURU in achieving the Goal.Guru is the medium from Ignorance to self-awareness.Teachings of GURU is Dharma. The journey from EGO to the Enlightenment.

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Happiness :Riches of the Rich.

Freedom is Richness, Slavery is poverty

Self-realisation leads to completeness which ends all desires and brings fearlessness . One who is free from desires is the riches of the rich.

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Geeta :Philosophy of Krishna.

Geeta: Philosophy of Krishna

Geeta: Essence of Krishna Philosophy. The highest wisdom which ends all sufferings of life. The complete solution to all problems.

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The Absolute : Bliss is Within & beyond Mind.

The Absolute :Bliss beyond Mind

The Absolute,Bliss is within & beyond Mind.In trying to become you miss it. You are what you are looking for. Know the self and set free from the bondage of fear and greed. The knowledge of the knower can only makes you eternally blissful & peaceful.

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Karma versus Dharma.

The ultimate goal of life

Complete overview of Karma, Dharma and the ultimate Goal of Life. Relationship between Karma, Dharma and the Goal .

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Path to Self-Realisation or GOD awakening.

World is real till self is realised

The answer to three important questions in life. What is self-realisation or Atman realisation or God awakening ? What is its Importance ? And finally how to achieve it?.

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Source of Creation. All about Jeeva ,Brahma & Maya.

Karma Yoga

Complete overview of source of creation. All about Jeeva, Brahma and Maya. Karma is measured on the scale of awareness. Karma is responsible for worldly experience.

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Silence is the Source of Everything.

Power of Silence

Silence is the Source of Everything. Power of Silence. A calm Mind is more powerful than anything in this world. Calm Mind is closer to its source which makes it the most powerful.

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Marketing Core:Problem solving communication

Marketing is Problem solving communication with the target audiences.

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Creativity versus Logic

Creativity versus logic versus imagination

Concept or idea that is widely accepted is called Logic whereas anything which is useful yet new to people is creativity .

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Talent versus Leadership

Talent versus leadership. Success formula. Growth Formula

Behind every success story there is a leadership story because it is the leadership mindset which acts as a function for success & growth. Leadership is the key to success . To unlock the growth potential ,one either has to master the leadership mindset or gets clubbed with leadership mindset outside .

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