Shri Narendra Kishore Mishra

Management and Spiritual Guru

Passionately helping people rise above challenges in Life.


Shri Narendra Kishore Mishra is the Spiritual Leader, Growth Consultant & Management Guru helping people rise above challenges in  life.

Shri Narendra is an enlightened Spiritual Guru & Chief Management Consultant from Engineering and Management background. He is in the Mission of helping people live their true purpose of life and attain to freedom and fulfilment within.

With the purpose driven mindset ,he is on the Mission of  helping people grow to the fullest potential through the journey of life .He is guiding people through his own experience & deep understanding which he acquired through his journey to Fulfilment. Apart from his deep spiritual insights and understanding acquired through his Self enquiry, his experience also includes Management prowess which he acquired while working with Big Brands including  FUJIFILM, CARESTREAM(KODAK) , KIRLOSKAR, ALLENGERS , L&T Medical (SKANRAY), etc. By education, he is an Engineer and also an MBA in International Marketing with distinction.

His in-depth understanding about Life & Management is based upon the  practical application .Being blend of Science, philosophy and Spirituality, he is adept in problem solving and is well equipped to handle and overcome any challenging situation that comes on the way to Growth.

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